Something of the day – rain’s moment

Today it rained … and maybe I’m one of those pluviophiles, ‘a lover of rain’, but the sound of it on the windows, the way it ‘colours the land’, has long captivated me. Gorwel and I have a song about rain.

Rain – pluie. I remember that from childhood French. ‘It’s raining’ – ‘il pleut‘.

The rain has resurrected the red of the fuchsia, brought into flower what looked like a brown brittle bush of twigs that the unrelenting summer was seeing off.

In our song ‘When it Rained’, the lyrics culminate like this:

And the rain is like the moments of our lives.
Raindrops are moments of our lives.
Rain is the moment of our lives.

Rain and yielding, dissolution and the poetry of moments. My something of today.


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