Something of the day – seed, flower, fruit

There’s that Zen saying ‘No seed ever sees the flower’ and I’m thinking, in this season of mellow fruitfulness, about transformation, like the caterpillar and its transmogrification to butterfly. How could it ever foresee itself as the latter when living as the former? How can the crab apple seed dream itself as blossom or fruit?

We can only ever live the moment, each stage of our development, and learn to read the signs.


As if fallen from heaven
intact and perfect
this vision of summer
sips from the Buddleia
and flutters between flowers
powered by nectar and sunlight

but I must not forget
when grounded,
when flight seems
impossible – those times
of dim uncertainty
with only the steady
munch of work ahead
and summer a dream –
the caterpillar, its green
earthed business
each instar a moulting
each phase a move
towards wings
and the element
of air

From Fiona Owen and Meredith Andrea Screen of Brightness (Cinnamon Press)




Crab apple with Mabon
Crab apple in our garden, fruiting. With Mabon.














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