Catching up: blog diary

Since I lasted posted, a terrible thing has happened: Russia has invaded Ukraine. Putin marched his troops into that neighbouring democratic nation on 24 February 2022. Can you believe it? Well, yes, because the evidence not just speaks for itself but keens, wails, moans, sobs into the winds of dreadful change. Man’s inhumanity is at large again – an old and tragic story, where history repeats and repeats. Today is Day 50 and already, the atrocities committed by Russian forces on innocent Ukrainian civilians are off the page: there have been no exceptions made for women, children and the elderly, never mind other men. All have met with heartless violence and degradation. Lives have been decimated, like the ruined cities that stand bombed and burned out. There is too much to say about it all – but what came when I was watching our two dogs enjoy their tea from their nice clean stainless steel bowls this evening were the animals in that war-torn land, roaming, now, in a devastated wasteland, bewildered and lost, after having had lives quite possibly like our two dogs, where they were loved, cared for, protected. Now they must survive as best they can, like the people there who dodged death, and I am so grateful to the angels who hunt among the ruins for where life is, after the violators have done their diabolic worst, and bring mercy to those who are suffering – humans and non-humans alike. Blessed are, for sure, the mercy-bringers.


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