This is one of our looping ‘sound poem’ drone songs where we have interwoven and interlaced instruments and vocals to create a sense of interconnection – though we didn’t, of course, do this consciously. It came together organically. The lyrics are about being ‘passers-by’ in the sense that we all pass through life as transient wayfaring souls, where love and caring relationships are our saving grace and life is lived in moments, step by step.

The lyrics were prompted by my happening to be in our kitchen one rainy day and seeing an elderly woman in the lane with her dog. There is a footpath along our lane, so we often see people walking past. As I stood idly at the window, in a rain-induced reflective mood, the woman happened to bend down and stroke her little dog’s face, the dog – a Jack Russell or Scottie – pausing to gaze up at her. It was an intimate moment of loving exchange that I was an accidental witness to, and it lasted a mere moment. The woman and her dog then walked on and disappeared from view, never knowing that they had left in their wake a woman at the window of her kitchen dabbing her eyes and swallowing down the lump in her throat.

I later wrote the scene down and it became the lyrics, albeit transformed into a poetry of transience.

Wherever you are in ‘the lane’, I wish you moments like this that warm and open the heart.


A place to start is an old lady

in a lane

with a little old dog

and she waits for him

in the rain 

and touchingly

she touches his face

And on they go


and gone they go, 

ahead …

In this same lane,

I’ve somehow come

an old lady 

with a little old dog

and you wait for me

in the rain …

You can hear ‘Passers-By’ here.

Photo by Wahyu Setiawan on Unsplash

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