Note Under a Stone

A bouncy little ditty that speaks for itself. It gets extra squidgy towards the end thanks to Gorwel’s electronics juxtaposed with the sweetness of Megan’s fiddle part in the instrumental break. The speech leading in to the track is off an old reel-to-reel my mum recorded when I was young. I am saying ’Here’s the song I made up. I made it up’ and it sounds as if I had just been eating chocolate, given what Mum is saying – which wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll never know what the song was that I made up that lifetime ago, but we felt the snippet fitted in the link between the songs we made up here.

Any questions about any of the songs? Feel free to ask, using the contact form. Thanks/diolch.


You hand me a recipe

For carrot cake and empathy

The meaning of life today.

You say come for a walk with me

Down the side of a cliff to see

How the herring gulls appear to be

The meaning of life today.

Sharing fruit and a bottle of beer

In the grounds of the church yard here

You say death doesn’t have to  feel so near

the meaning of life today.

Found a note left under a stone

About the nature of being alone

A metaphysical love poem

The meaning of life today

You and me we are picnicking under the yew tree … 

You can hear ’Note Left Under a Stone’ here.

Photo by Olena Shmahalo on Unsplash


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