When It Rained

Borage – Photo by Natalia Shiel on Unsplash

A ‘pluviophile’ is ‘one who loves rain’ so I suppose I must be one. The rain seems to put me in touch with life’s poetic side – not always, but often – where I am able to step aside from the pragmatic demands of self and world, sensing something gratuitous and ‘more than’.

So much of life is spent with a hand on the tiller and while I realise that we must do a certain amount of steering, ‘captaining our ship’, the art and craft of living a tuned attentive life – tuned to ‘the Way’, according to Taoism – is to work in consort with wu wei, where we feel for the deeper currents and go with them. This yielding can’t be dismissed as hippy twaddle. It’s real; discernible. With it comes a sense of interconnection, a recognition of how our lives are made of fluid transient moments in which there is, potentially, moment – significance.

John Lawrence is a master of the pedal steel, and in this song, his slides, working with Gorwel’s guitar, help create the perfect mood. I think, as I write this, of our friend John Wright, who once told us that he likes this song. Because of that, he will always now be a part of it.


When it rained, I said to you

Earth is receiving her deep and her true.

We stood for an hour, watching the leaves

Of ten standing sycamore 

Deepen their green.

When it rained, I said to you

See how the borage deepens her blue.

We stood for an hour, just touching hands

Watching the rainfall 

Colour the land.

And the rain is like the moments of our lives

Raindrops are moments of our lives

Rain is the moment of our lives …

You can listen to ‘When It Rained’ here.

Photo by Hannah Domsic on Unsplash

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