Always Intending


Always intending to remain

as clear as a window thrown open to spring rain;

but the curtains come flapping around me, across my eyes

and the shutters come wrapping around me

leaving me inside, always intending.

Somewhere to hide, always intending.

Intending to say what is true, without ever harming you,

the ten thousand things of the world 

and the daybreak it happens so easily

sun in the bright sky.

I wish I could happen so naturally

though I try, I try,

always intending.

Time goes by with me always intending …

And the daybreak it happens so easily, sun in the wide sky.

I wish I could happen so easily though I see why

time is a wind that frees the leaves from the tall tree

and the me that is leaf that is trembling

is a fall to ground, always intended,

where lost is found, always intended. 

I’m inclined to be, always intended,

old tree bound. always intended.

More interweaving in a song that bowls along with the help of Pete’s drums. I shall, on this occasion, let the lyrics sing for themselves. You can listen to ‘Always Intending’ here.

Double bass and cello: Owen. Violins: Cass and Idris. Pedal steel: John.

Photo by real_ jansen on Unsplash


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