Review of Ness Owen’s debut collection

Ness Owen’s Mamiaith (2019), London, Arachne Press Ness Owen’s debut collection hits the ground running: there is a sense of earth underfoot and feet marching to break historic silences and oppressions. These are poems about claiming one’s voice and speaking out, standing with others in solidarity: ‘join us/march where you’re standing/they can’t ignore us all’ … More Review of Ness Owen’s debut collection

A Speech of Birds

Victoria Field’s new poetry collection was published this year. I’m delighted to share a short conversation piece about the book and one poem in particular. You can buy a copy of the collection here. I’ve been enjoying your new collection A Speech of Birds, Vicky, and find a playful levity present along with such weightier themes of … More A Speech of Birds


            Blackthorn is muscular all year flexing         macho bones                     angles                              points but       in May blackthorn turns transvestite all froth of frocks        all bridal bright all frilly and            all lady-like     all May Ball Queen in petal white From Fiona Owen, O My Swan (pamphlet, out of print).