Pause with the marmalade jar in one hand and a cup with a little tea left in the other because the geese are flying over the house sounding their grace notes   Advertisements


A good friend of mine, Linda Moss, emailed me early this morning. We had, on Friday, been mourning the inauguration of ‘President Trump’ and all that he symbolises, so in her email, she has reminded me of the final lines of my poem ‘Clearing’. Linda, I’m grateful to you – and I still believe it! … More ‘Clearing’

Like Cat and Dog

This poem is about that often amusing dynamic between cats and dogs. The photo is of our cat Lucky, who died some years ago, aged seventeen. He was the inspiration for many poems, including this one. He took liberties, and puzzled our dogs in the process. Like Cat and Dog cat climb high up go where … More Like Cat and Dog

Mental Fly

Thanks to the magazine Raceme for publishing this poem in its No. 4 edition. Watching a fly opened up the theme of mental entrapment – the way our thought-habits can keep us fettered, until we notice the ‘door’ …   Mental Fly A fly buzzes against glass, taps hard, scribbles and dots up and down the … More Mental Fly


I’m thinking about compassion today/joining with 1000 voices, speaking about/Compassion/that word we say/that can seem so easy// Com+passion/suffering with/Being prompted to alleviate the suffering of others./Bearing with another in their ordeal./The Golden Rule of doing unto others that which we would have done unto us./The potential of all humans:/to be/compassionate … And who are these others?/How far can we open … More Compassion

‘My writing process: a blog tour’ invited by Helen Moore, July 2014

It’s early July and I’m writing this as our solar panels are being fitted. This means that there are sounds around me of men working – drills, loft-noise, ladders, whistling – and the voice of our dog, Lleucu, every so often, asking them to please play with her, squeaky toy proffered with her head cocked, … More ‘My writing process: a blog tour’ invited by Helen Moore, July 2014