To listen with the body

I propose a new form of courage of the body: the use of the body not for the development of musclemen, but for the cultivation of sensitivity. This will mean the development of the capacity to listen with the body. From The Courage to Create by Rollo May   Advertisements

Sound Poetics

Something of the day’s enrichment: ‘We are transmitters and receivers, a system of call and response … As we carry our own song through life, we are constantly touching other tunes, and frequently we are required to improvise the expression of our self in relation to what surrounds us, interacting as a human being like … More Sound Poetics

Mark Doty extract

When it comes to posting daily or, at least, regular ‘enrichments’, which I am starting today, here is a passage from a book I love, given to me by my good friend Linda Moss. It is Still Life with Oysters and Lemon by the poet Mark Doty. Like Linda, I love everything I have read … More Mark Doty extract