Focusing is a natural, life-enhancing practice. When we Focus, we learn how to listen deeply to what is going on within us. The body is akin to a ‘field of experience’ infused with implicit meaning. In Focusing, we learn how to pause and connect, or reconnect, with the articulate intelligence within ourselves, gently and gradually building bridges and forming relationships with what is there. We learn how to become more empathic as listeners, for ourselves and others. All of this seems central to what we are, or can be, as human beings; relationship is at the heart of life, in simple and complex, explicit and implicit ways.

Focusing can aid the innate ‘maturation’ process, as we come increasingly ‘into touch’ with precisely who we are as particular embodied beings within life/time, and this includes the parts within and the parts without; the parts that flow and the parts that are stuck; the exiled and the integrated.

In practical terms, Focusing can help us to feel more alive and engaged, more accepting of ourselves and open to new possibilities that present themselves. When a situation that has been stuck starts to shift, we can feel it in our bodies, as relief.

Please see my entry on the British Focusing Association website for fuller details.

Exploring the BFA website will provide you with more information about Focusing as a practice.

Thank you. Diolch.