Some Random Questions

… in no particular order (an on-going list):

What would happen if we raised the status of the word ‘animal’ so that it was used as a compliment?

What would happen if we remembered that the ‘anima’ part of ‘animal’ means ‘soul’ or, if you prefer, ‘vitalising life principle’?

What if Thomas Berry is right that ‘the universe is a communion of subjects,
not a collection of objects’?

Questions to ask of any religion:

  • is it helping you to grow friendlier, easier, kinder?
  • does it extend you so that you feel your reach deepening, heightening and broadening to embrace more of the world-as-self?
  • does it help create in you a balance of gravity and levity?
  • does it help to cultivate love in you rather than hate, trust rather than fear?
  • ‘diabolic’ means to ‘drive apart’ – does it serve that purpose OR …
  • … does it, rather, help you to connect, join up dots, link you with other human and non-humans and with your own heart and mind (religere)?
  • does it help you to attend to what is before you, and within you?
  • does it help you to care more (care – caritas – caru – love)?
  • does it earth heaven?
  • does it remind us that ‘humility’, ‘human’ and ‘humus’ are of the same root?
  • does it balance the feminine with the masculine?
  • does it offer a Way rather than the Way?

4 thoughts on “Some Random Questions

  1. I love this very much. The trouble is that any religion or path is only made of the people who purport to adhere to it, so perhaps the questions should begin with ‘Do we?”
    As for the word ‘animal’!!! Have you noticed that 90% of times we use animal words for human characteristics, it’s negative?


  2. Hi Fiona. Just ‘found’ your website – very good. Particularly liked
    your ‘Questions to ask of any religion’ – they address our need for unity. I
    also liked Gorwel’s photo ‘Porth Nobla’, the graduation of inorganic to

    Must chat sometime. Ron (Sara’s husband).


  3. Hi Fiona woke up early this morning inspired by the poetry writing day at Ucheldre with Meredith and yourself yesterday! I have read through your website with interest , particularly the ‘questions’ and your skill in communicating the interconnectedness of nature and humanity in this space. Diolch Jess.


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