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Ond aros yn y lle rhwng y ddau – Aled Jones Williams

I am large, I contain multitudes – Walt Whitman


Fiona and Lleucu 2014
Fiona with Lleucu

CROESO – diolch yn fawr am alw draw. WELCOME to my small corner in cyber-space. I live in Wales and, among other things, write poetry, fiction, non-fiction – and songs with Gorwel Owen. I teach creative writing, literature and humanities for the Open University, run workshops in my locality, direct the Ucheldre Literary Society and Rhwng: the Point Between, and am in training as a poetry therapy practitioner with Jill Teague and The International Academy for Poetry Therapy (iaPoetry). I am also qualified as a Focusing Practitioner, my primary mentor being Kay Hoffmann.

My most recent collection of poems is The Green Gate, published by Cinnamon Press, and our latest CD is Releasing Birds. I edited an anthology of poetry and prose for The Vaughan Association entitled At Time’s Edge in memory of a very dear poet friend, Anne Cluysenaar, who tragically lost her life at the beginning of November 2014. Images by painter Ann Johnson. Further information is available by clicking the various links on this site (some of them are works in progress).


After Images by Matthieu Ricard

Would like to say something that cuts through
but all I have are black birds on two posts
where prayer flags flutter


Full of love, full of love –
the black bird flies
between the mountain cleft


Hold me to heart but
let the bird fly


As still as frost
on a leaf-head

I felt the season’s


In all the plays of light
and flashes of wing –

the simple drama
turns the eye in.

In The Green Gate
(Cinnamon Press, 2015)

Note: This poem was written in response to images from Matthieu Ricard's book  
Motionless Journey: From a Hermitage in the Himalayas